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Dog Ear Clean / Wash 1L

EAR CLEANER Cleansing Solution is a professional strength ear cleansing solution formulated from the finest natural ingredients, designed to quickly

Blade Clean / Wash 1L

BLADE CLEANER is a fast acting Hydro Carbon blade cleaner, will remove grease, grime and dirt fast and efficiently from

Coat Conditioning Scissor Mist

How to Use: Hold the spray head at least 20cm away from the coat to avoid over wetting.
Description - Making scissoring easier by holding the coat without leaving sticky residues. This has been specially formulated using the best of science and nature. Its unique blend contains some of the most important coat care ingredients:

Tooth Descaler

This tooth descaler is made from durable stainless steel with 2 double headed ends. A grooming essential.
  • Dental Quality
  • Stainless Steel
  • Double Head De-scaler

Ear Forceps

Locking Surgical steel forceps can be used for removing hair from ears, as well as cleaning ears with a cotton swab.


  Hatchwell Trimmex Powder is a great product for attending to minor wounds and cuts. This medicated powder works to

Chalk Powder

  Hatchwells Chalk Powder Cleans and absorbs grease Whitens coats Suitable for use on all animals 450g Hatchwells Chalk Powder