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Grooming Contract / Record Card (UK ONLY)

Customer Record Cards, there is also a contract on the card covering the most important things. DIMENSION 10m x 21cm

Grooming Bag

Perfect for carrying your grooming equipment around.

Wall Mount Scissor Rack

The Groomers World Professional Wall Mount Scissor Rack holds more scissors than the standard scissor rack. This rack holds 9 scissors rather

Wall Mount Blade Organiser / Rack

Groomers World Professional Wall Mount, a must have for any grooming salon. Clear acrylic break resistant holder makes it east

Scissor And Blade Case

Your scissors and blades are one of the most important grooming tools used. That’s why we at Groomers World have

Storage Cone


Out of stock

The storage cone has been cleverly designed to attach to tables via zip. The cone like structure grows as is