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Undercoat Rake

Suitable for both long and short-haired pets, this brush helps to remove any loose undercoat hair without damaging your furry

Matt Breaker

The unique teeth help ‘break down’ matts and save as much hair as possible, while helping avoid coat breakages. Suitable

Nail Clippers

Nail cutting clippers with non-slip ergonomic handles made from toughened stainless steel.

Double Sided Coat Remover 12 and 24 Pins

Double sided undercoat remover have double-sided, low-density sides for stubborn pads and tangles, and high-density sides for faster results or

Grooming Glove

Removes hair for wired coats.

Happy Snood / Dog Hoodie

Happy Snood / Dog Hoodie are a stretch fabric that covers up the dogs ears to help dull noises that

Belly Strap

The Groomers World Belly Strap is designed for the Professional Groomer. Made with a extra soft cushioned padding for comfort which

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*Please measure from the inner bars in inches to get the correct measurement. This grooming aid stops the dog roaming

Hammock / Sling / Cradle

We recommend no more than 10lbs for the small and 20lbs for the large. Exceeding these weights may damage the

3 in 1 Hammock

3 in 1 Hammock gives you the best of 3 products. It includes the following; small hammock, medium hammock and

Storage Cone

The storage cone has been cleverly designed to attach to tables via zip. The cone like structure grows as is

Waterproof Belly Strap

A uniquely designed belly strap specifically for bathing. The Groomers World Belly Strap is designed for the Professional Groomer. This square